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Budget carriers cut down on fuel costs by flying slower.:“now flying its planes up to 2% slower on some routes in order to conserve fuel, saving hundreds of pounds per flight – with 30,000 flights per month this could save the company millions of pounds every month”

… demand for short haul European flights remains strong despite economic downturn hitting the holiday and leisure industries.:“Last month’s load factor (proportion of seats sold per flight), compared with the same downturn-free period last year, was up slightly at 86.9%”

InBev add some legacy to their latest bid for Bud:“Adolphus Busch IV – the great-grandson of the founder of Anheuser-Busch and uncle of the current CEO” to be brought in as a new director under the bid proposal.

The oil dependent economy is grinding to a halt – time Govts to release the strategic oil reserves?:“if they did so, the price of oil would fall like a stone”

Economists tussle over whether hedge funds are to blame for the high cost of commodities.:“speculation in commodity futures has increased 20 times in the past five years – from $13bn (£6.5bn) to $260bn – and during that time the price of a basket of commodities has risen by 183%”

Global campaign against climate change put to the side as countries focus on digging their own economies out of rut.:“the threat of unemployment makes tackling climate change something that can be put off for another day”